Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hello. I'm new to the blogging world. I've always read them but never thought I'd have time to keep one of my own, recently I've decided to try it out and here we are! This being my first ever blog post I'm going to introduce everyone. My name is Lindsay, I'm a stay-at-home mom. I have a curious little toddler, Connor James. He is 14 months old & a handful!! =)
My partner in this crazy adventure we call life is my very best friend who i happened to be lucky enough to marry, Brad (AKA Dad!!). He is in the U.S. Navy (Which is why we are here in SC, thousands of miles from our family). He is my other half, my partner in crime, my missing puzzle piece, and I'd be lost without him. We will be talking A LOT about him this week, because as you all know this Sunday is Father's Day!!
Another big person in our lives that we HAVE to add to this blog is our Granny...
And of course our Papa...
Granny & Papa live what seems like millions of miles away in MO but come see us often. And to wrap up this introduction we have..
Yogi for short, is our newest addition to the family as of about a month ago. He is a chow chow/lab mix. We adopted Yogi from a shelter in Walterboro, SC at just a few weeks old, he is now about 15 pounds and getting bigger everyday!

Well I think this about wraps up our first post! I think I'll post about once a week on a normal basis. However seeing as I'm just starting today I have a lot I want to get on here, like our first finger painting for Papa...and of course some baby food recipes! See you soon! 

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