Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Hiking We Go!

This past weekend we went hiking!! That's right Connor's very first hiking trip. I have to say it was a little rougher here in the lovely Carolinas than I expected, but still an awesome time. We were originally going to take Connor's stroller..haha glad we passed on that, as we wouldn't have made it more than a few steps into the woods. We used he trailblazer hiking backpack made by Evenflo. Fabulous product!! First off it's heavy, but not nearly as heavy as toting a 30lb toddler on you hip! The backpack has so many USEFUL features, a sun shade, padding, a backpack, toy loops (where we also secured our camera), side pockets...and the best Connor loved it!
It also stands on it's own!!
Now for the real shocker, it's only costs about $100 online, nice price for all you get right? Better than that we picked it up brand new at a yard sale for 5 BUCKS!! Yes f-i-v-e!! I just love yard sales, FABULOUS!!

So we decided to hike on Marrington Plantation at the Naval Weapons Station...great park. There we're a ton of trails to choose from. My one complaint was the trails weren't marked nearly as well as I would have liked. Hiking 6 miles into the woods with your toddler, you wanna be damn sure which one leads you out the fastest if the need appears!! We had a blast tho, Connor seemed soo interested in all of the nature. Thankfully we didn't see any alligators!! 
I did fall in love with this tree tho...
It was actually a pretty cool day that we went, about 97. I know right here I am calling 97 cool!! But the norm has been over a hundred here lately. Even with it being cooler than usual...it was HOTT!! 
Connor learned how to use the camelbak! How cute!!
He liked the vitamin water to!
Overall, I would SOO recommend the trail and the backpack to anyone wanted to hike the Charleston area!
I'm sure I will have a big post coming soon, as it's fourth of July. A big (early) thanks goes out to all our military and to my lovely husband!! THANK YOU! 


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