Friday, June 24, 2011


Ahh the days of toddler-hood. =) Playdough was one of my VERY favorite things as a kid. Remember sitting for hours on end rolling it out and tearing it up and starting all over again. Well we have reached those days and I'm proceeding with CAUTION! First off I committed to doing homemade playdough. I thought it would be simple..a little bit of internet research, checking out my favorite blogs and I'd find the perfect recipe and gracefully make it with my little man and play for hours....about that. Do you have any idea how many recipes are out there..?? Edible playdough, non-edible, salt, peanut butter, kool-aid..on and on and on!  After HOURS of internet searching and reading and re-reading eight million recipes and reviews I finally picked one. The simplest one I could find, and to be honest I was weary of whether it would actually turn out. So to the kitchen pantry I went, grabbing flour and salt and bowls, (my munchkin following my every step). After I got everything ready and started making it, camera in hand..Connor went crazy, threw a fit and ended up in the living room with dad. So I was left to finish the playdough all by myself. Even though my peaceful little fantasy of flour and bliss didn't turn out, Connor absolutely loved the playdough. =) It was the perfect amount, and texture. All in all it was a success. So here it are indeed scarce. 

What's better than making playdough with your toddler? It being simple and EASY!! & trust me this couldn't get much easier.

1 cup of flour
1 cup of salt
1 cup water

yup that't it..mix it all put and P-L-A-Y!!
Toss some flour on the highchair and let em' have at it.
We used spoons, spatulas, and even a infant tooth brush... =D
It kept him busy for hours =)

TIP: Is not going to harm the baby if he/she eats a small amount, however I would highly advise against it seeing as how it has so much salt. Also try to keep them from feeding you canine family members, as salt it terrible for them!

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