Friday, June 17, 2011

A little bit of it all

Welcome back! I told myself I was going to only post ONCE a week... But I really want this blog to be something Connor can look back on when he gets older. I want him to be able to see our day to day life, and big events, like his first birthday.

 So today I'm going to do a "everything" post. First I have a review on some Mommy & Me classes. Like I mentioned the other day, I recently took my son to a Mommy & Me class at "The Little Gym". One very awesome thing was he got to have a free class. That;s right, he got to go in and have a full 45 minute class with no cost or commitment. =) Pretty cool right? Well my first thought before we got there was "This is pretty expensive for 45 minutes once a week", but we went anyway just to see what all the hype was about. This class was AWESOME! Connor has such a great time, not to mention so did his Dad and I.
First off they had a sign up at the front desk welcoming their newest little "birdie" with his name and all! How sweet! Then he got a free "The Little Gym" sports bottle, and this is all before class even starts. The gym and the waiting area are separated by a glass wall, so you can either watch or go in and play (shoes off please!).
We went in with Connor. At first he was a little nervous. Then they started the "Hello song" with these little shakers, he loved it! =) They did a parachute activity, flips, pull-ups, bubbles, balls, songs and tons more. All and all we signed up for the semester. I definitely recommend this for mommy and me classes .
Connor James turned one year old on April 13th, 2011. However, I hadn't started this blog yet so I'm back tracking to that very day. As you already know, we are stationed in Charleston, SC and have no family here. I do have a cousin in NC tho, so we went there and had a small get party. I have LOTS of pictures =) 
Cake done by Amelia Claire's Sweets & Treats
We ate cake, open presents, went to Monkey Joe's, then...the tornado sirens went off. Yes a tornado hit Fayetteville that day. We wrapped up the party and booked it home! Seeing all the tornado damage on the way, not to mention dealing with all the wrecks and gridlock. But Connor slept the whole way home so it didn't bother him. 
We had a safari party for our little monkey!
In the end he had a really great time. =) I think this just about wraps up this post. Good night! =)

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