Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mommy & Me + Daddy!

Hey! So here I am, back to boast on how awesome I think "The Little Gym" is. We are in our third week of mommy and me (+ daddy) classes and they get better every week! 
Connor playing ball!

These classes cover soo much it's ridiculous! I just can't get over it, really. They teachers are awesome and obviously qualified. & I love how much socialization Connor gets with the other "birdies". =) 
That's his little girlfriend (Baya) 

This past week we worked on doing the spider walk on a set of bars, he did awesome! I was so proud. =) The teachers also got out a blow up bounce thing and the parents and "birdies" sat on it while it blew up and then we bounced and jumped. They kids really seemed to love it. 
"Hi mom!"
This is Connor's favorite activity......the hanging bar.
MONKEY!! He hang there all by himself!
&& then of course must clap for himself. 

I really must say he's learning so much already and it's only the third week. He socializes much easier now. And seems like he's getting more outgoing. 
He loves the bubbles!
At the end of the class, they always get a stamp on their foot. This time it was a bumble bee!!

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