Thursday, October 6, 2011


I always imagined when Connor was old enough to have play-dates that I'd have best friends who's kids were the same age as him. They'd come over and play gracefully on the floor while us moms chatted it up over coffee and muffins, and then reality hit me....HARD! For starters none of my friend's children are Connors age, most are younger, or much much older. So as I ventured into the mommy/kid play-date world, I knew no one. I was so excited when Connor and I got invited to our first play-date. Then that excitement slowly turned to anxiety. Should I buy a new outfit? Will he hit another child? Will he share? Will we be invited back, or exiled from the world I was so desperate to fit into forever!? After I got married I thought the dating game was over, boy was I wrong. Oddly enough trying to find play-dates feels like dating. Showing up to a strangers house....making small conversation, wondering the whole time what they're thinking, and praying Connor doesn't hit someone. So I have a few tips and guidelines on play-date etiquette for all you new mommy daters. =)

1.  The most important rule of all...RELAX! Take a few deep breaths and have fun, I promise you won't be "kicked out" of the mommy clubs.

2. Dress appropriately. My first play-date I bought a new outfit, my jeans we so tight I could barley sit on the floor. And trust me, you WILL be sitting/rolling/playing on the floor. =)

3. Don't feel bad if your child throws a fit. Every kid does it. Just relax and disciple them just like you would at home. We use time-out and it's the most effective when I'm in public, because Connor most defiantly does not wanna sit in timeout while the other kids play.

4. Don't depend on a schedule. As a mom I learned all to quickly that nothing goes as planned, or on time. If you're planning a play-date, make the time frame pretty big. Kids throw fits, spill things, need snacks...let's just say they're time consuming. So chances are people won't be there right when you want them to.

5. Bring snacks. I always bring some kind of snack to a play-date. You never know if the host was planning on supplying snacks or not and it's not good to show up with a hungry kid. Typically I try to bring healthy snacks, grapes, oatmeal cookies, apple wedges..but a little sugar isn't the worst thing in the world.

6. Last but not least. Don't forget to have fun!! This is a PLAY-date after all.

Hope this helps.. =)

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