Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snowman Poop! {Nap Time Crafts}

Currently we have SEVEN stocking hanging from our fireplace and we are a family of four...Nana and Papa like to send stockings each year and they just keep adding up! I'm always torn on what to use as stocking stuffers. This year Olivia has teething toys, a rubber ducky, diaper rash cream ;) hairbows and some other stuff. Connor's stocking is stuffed with a few bits of candy, matchbox cars, bath toys and now {Snowman poop}!

As it turns out, snowman actually poop marshmallows :) I took a sandwich baggie, filled with marshmallows and glued this print out on it. The poem reads..
"I heard that you've been naughty, so listen here's the scoop....I'm running short on coal this year, so you get snowman poop!"
I have a feeling my two-year old is going to LOVE this! Not that my children have any idea what snow is. It's a lovely 72 degrees here today and we're relaxing with the windows open.  
You can find the snowman poop printables here. 

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