Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chair Rail

We decided we really wanted a chair rail in the nursery. It makes things seem so much more complete. However, we we're pretty nervous, as we don't do to many wood working projects. As it turns out, putting up a chair rail is pretty easy. First you have to measure the room and buy the proper amount of railing. You'll want to draw a line on the wall right where you want the chair rail to be, so it's even all the way around the room. (We did this in the painting stage). Then you cut it into pieces to fit each wall.


Make sure you cut each piece the right angle, so they fit together seamlessly. (VERY IMPORTANT!!)
We used a mitre box and saw for this part, nothing fancy. 

Next, you need to hold all the pieces up to the wall and make sure they fit together good.

After you're sure everything fits good, you need to nail it up. We used a brad nailer for this part. My husband was pretty excited! haha.

You'll want to add some wood putty to the nail holes and corners to blend it together, and maybe a little touch up paint. 


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